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Web design and bespoke web development is the main part of Netfactors’ work, but we don’t “just do” websites. We also offer web hosting, online marketing and other aspects of design. This way, we make sure you get an all-round service.


Offering these additional services, we make sure you get a complete service…

Web Hosting

Netfactors offers both Windows and Linux hosting. We have a combination of high specification dedicated servers and cloud-based services, which are suitable for a whole range of web, database and email applications. This way, we are able to ensure reliability, high speed, performance and security.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very effective and cost-effective way of reaching very specific target audiences. Netfactors offers years of experience in designing emails and running campaigns. Whether that audience is your existing client base, recipients in your own mailing list or ones in “leased” lists, Netfactors can help run email marketing campaigns for increased market awareness and revenue generation.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click advertising service, can present some business models a very high return on investment, generating traffic with visitors who are directly searching for products and services you offer. Most importantly, it is immediate, controllable and measurable. Netfactors has years of experience in setting up, running and refining effective campaigns.

Logo & Other Design

If you are starting a new venture or looking at a rebrand, you will no doubt be looking for the right logo to encapsulate the identity for the business and set it up for success. At Netfactors, we have the right combination of business, marketing and design skills to help bring this identity to life. In addition, we can help with the creation of printable stationery, such as business cards, letterheads and with compliments slips.