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When you deal with us, don’t be surprised if we ask you lots of questions about your business, where you are at and what you’re looking to achieve. That’s only because to us, it’s important to come up with the right solution. We find every client is very different with very different needs and so every solution we provide is individually tailored to address those specific needs. One-size really doesn’t fit all!


Every project we undertake typically has four distinct stages: Exploration & fact find, Planning, Implementation and on-going support, all of them important in delivering the right solution… 


This very crucial initial stage is where we find out about your business and what you’re looking to achieve. Fully understanding your business, its operations, its target markets and its organisational roadmap is an essential factor to the successful implementation of the right solution as it needs to tie in with your business and support its functions and direction. To this end we aim to be as thorough as possible in getting a full understanding at this stage through asking in-depth questions


This important stage lays out the way forward and how to get there. In essence, this planning stage will set forward the next stages, analysing and putting forward the best options, along with timescales and costs, making sure they match the business and technical requirements and other factors such as future business/operational events and organic growth. Where you have an ultimate aim that needs to be reached in more than a single step or phase of implementation, the planning will reflect this, suggesting ways forward


This is where the solution is put into effect. The exact process here will depend on the solution being offered. For example, for a website, this is where it’s designed/developed, whereas if it’s a marketing campaign, it’s set up and run. With websites, we normally follow an iterative process of initial template design, creation of the website with the relevant content and development and testing of any bespoke functionality. Websites are normally created on a development platform where they can be fully developed, tested and approved before going live

On-going Support

Once the implementation stage is completed, you’re not on your own. We’re there to support you and make sure things run smoothly. Whether it’s to address technical issues, to make occasional changes or to implement the ongoing aspect of your marketing campaigns, we can be counted on. Netfactors’ working relationship with its clients is in most cases a long-term one and often turns into a close one. This is a great source of pride and we certainly look forward to working with you