Bespoke Web Development 2018-06-11T13:01:49+00:00

If your website needs to perform bespoke functionality as part of your business processes, then let us know. Bespoke web development is by far one of Netfactors’ strong points, with skill sets and a great deal of experience in developing and crafting both server-end and client-end programming and scripting functions on both Linux and Windows servers.

The buzz words here are PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI, HTML, CSS and a bunch of others, but if jargon isn’t what you’re interested in, that’s fine. If you just want to talk about what the website needs to achieve then just let us know. Leave the techie stuff to us.


With various building blocks at our disposal, we can tackle your most complex needs…

Server-End Scripting

The server-end script or program is what allows your website to perform complex tasks. The scripting language of choice at Netfactors is PHP, but we also offer extensive skills in other languages

Database Functionality

The database is where information is securely held on the server over a period of time. The database of choice at Netfactors is MySQL, but we can also help if you have websites that have been built around Microsoft technology

Client-End Scripting

Some functionality is written to run on the website visitors’ browser (or client). Often this will use JavaScript, JQuery or JQuery UI. At Netfactors, we have experience in custom-developing in these languages as well as Adobe Flash (ActionScript)

Web Page Presentation

Ultimately, how web content looks on the browser will be based on HTML and CSS. Netfactors has great experience in both of these to make sure the final web pages look exactly as they are intended on a variety of devices; from desktop to tablet to mobile