Project Description


Don’t be tricked by the “kiddy” nature of this website. With 25,000+ members, this website is fully bespoke developed to allow kids to sign up for free and, given £100 Piggybank® Cash (pretend money), allows them to enter an e-trading floor and buy, sell and maintain a portfolio of shares from a choice of selected stocks in the London Stock Exchange. With a live feed from NETBUILDER, all stock pricing is live and up-to-date.

But the wonders of this website don’t stop there. The site also has e-commerce functionality, allowing players to top up their Piggybank® Cash using real money via PayPal for making bigger trades, releasing more stocks and buying more piggy avatars for their profile.

The site also allows traders to invite their friends and school friends to games where they can pit their wits against each other.

Featuring an internal messaging system, friends can also keep in touch with each other … all from within their profile.